Disney Dudes With And Without Beards

This is both awesome and disturbing….awesomturbing? Disturbawesome?

1 - Sultan
2 - Scar
3 - Zeus
4 - Triton
1 - King Nimoy of Atlantis
2 - Merlin
3 - Emperor of China
4 - Gaston
5 - Prince Philip
6 - Aladdin
1 - Doctor Facilier
2 - Hades
3 - Naveen

Dat lazy eye… Prince Phillip looks like a woman with a fake beard, Aladdin looks plain evil, and nobody wears a beard like Gaston!

These were all done by the same artist, here’s her blog on Tumblr, and these are her posts so far on the imgur gallery, here, here, and here.

I wonder how many more characters she’ll go through before giving up and go all


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