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Oh no! His wifu was stolen by an evil cuCUMber! We could refer to this as “Isaac Newtorare.”

If you didn’t get any of that, you obviously haven’t seen enough hentai to understand this reference, but in short, Netorare is Japanese slang of “cuckolding,” or having your loved one stolen from you. I need a better hobby.

Just so you know, I’m not really sure the original said the line “so…that means,” I pretty much guessed based on the expressions and what I read on the imgur’s comment section of the same strip, but in Vietnamese. I love these South Korean comic strips, but it’s just too bad there’s no English info on the author, and all I know is that many of the strips have a little white doll with a toilet paper roll for a head, and they go by either “Kakamaka,” or “Kaka stories.” 4chan translated a ton of these, but not all of them, and they’re scattered around several image boards, it’s not easy to keep track of them. Maybe I should give it a try and learn Korean.

Here‘s where I got it, and if anyone knows what exactly they were saying let me know so I can edit the pictures again. I know nobody will even read this part, but I can hope somebody might correct me on this.

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