My kind of news: Sexually explicit movie clip shows instead of Disney’s Frozen


Movie theaters having technical problems is not something worthy of making it to news outlets, but it is when they make a boo-boo and end up showing a strong sexual clip instead of a Disney flick.

According to My Tampa Bay Fox, The Regal Cinemas Park Place Stadium 16 at Pinellas Park, Florida, was having some technical difficulties that delayed the start of Disney’s Frozen, so the theater temporarily decided to play another cartoon. But what started out as “Steamboat Willie,” suddenly turned into another kind of willie, if you know what I mean.

Lynn Greene of Largo was at the Regal Cinemas Park Place Stadium 16 with her grandchildren when it happened. She said there were some technical difficulties that delayed the start of the movie, so the theater temporarily played another cartoon.

“They put in the filler, it looked like ‘Steamboat Willie,’ the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene,” Greene said.

A spokesperson for Regal Cinemas said the other scene was part of the wrong movie playing accidentally.

Although the movie company said the clip only played for less than two minutes, Greene said it seemed to last much longer.

“It seemed like forever when you’re trying to, you know, cover a little guy’s eyes,” she said. “I didn’t have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good.”

It looks like what they showed instead was the the red-band trailer for Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, a movie rated NC-17. I didn’t know a movie theater like this would even show this type of movies, or even have the red-band trailer.

Could it be the work of some angry employee being a dick? How did something so graphic escape the projection room? Only the movie theater staff knows. The theater offered free movie tickets to those in the audience, but I don’t think that’s gonna be enough.

I’m sure some of you are curious, so being the good guy that I am I’m embedding the trailer right here. Just a warning though, it is very NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Via [My Fox Tampa].

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