The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Trailer + Poster + Three Villains = Uh-Oh…

The first full official trailer for Sony Pictures “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is out, but seeing three villains in the scene brings painful memories from the previous trilogy.


The movie looks interesting, but having three villains in the roster worries me, especially because this is the same studio that brought us that too-many-villains piece of crap known as Spider-Man 3.


I’m not really sure why they’re introducing the Green Goblin in this film when Electro is supposed to be the main villain, so I hope they know what they’re doing and learned from their previous mistakes. Also, the poster and the trailer show that Rhino is some kind of mechanical suit, and I would like to know why they just couldn’t go with something similar to its previous incarnations.


I’m pretty sure that’s a suit and not a robot, but it still kind of pisses me off that they decided to go for a more “realistic” version by going super science fiction on it. I hope Rhino is just a minor character like he’s always been, otherwise we’ll have way too many character backgrounds for just one movie.

As for Electro, my only problem is the fact they based him on Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, the ugly CG show that aired on MTV a few years back.


Why couldn’t they just use his original and fabulous costume?

Just kidding, nobody wants to see super villain bulge in spandex. Or do we? O_O

Maybe I’m worrying over nothing and they will pull it off just as they did with the previous Spider-Man 2, so I really hope for the best outcome.

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