How original content is shared on social media and other popular websites

So you came up with a cool idea and you decide to make something you want the world to see. Well, the moment you decide to share something original online, it will get stolen from under your nose.


You’ve probably seen this a million times, but it never ceases to amaze me. It’s sad, but the moment you decide to share something you took time and effort to make, chances are it won’t get far. But someone else will pick it up, claim it as theirs, and become a success. In theory that would work out just fine, but then you realize your name wasn’t mentioned anywhere, and then it keeps being posted and reposted on other popular websites, but still no credit back to you. Then you decide to watermark your content, which in theory should work, at least until you stumble onto this problem:


And that’s how you lose your content on the internet, get used to it.

Webcomics in order of appearance: [Nedroid], [PicturesInBoxes].

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