Spinal joins the Killer Instinct roaster with an epic trailer

Killer Instinct is still my number one reason to get an xbox One. Today Spinal joins the roaster and will become available for owners of the Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker Pack bundles. I’ve seen other character reveal trailers for other fighting games, but this one is just glorious, especially the theme music. Watch the whole thing, Fulgore’s teaser is at the very end.

[eBay keyword=”killer instinct ultimate” align=”right”] Dayum! Fulgore looks like the love child of Ironman and a Terminator, this is gonna be good!

I have to say Spinal’s teleporting move reminds me of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, but it’s missing the chain. But I think the most impressive part of this is the music. What’s funny an awesome about the music is the choir chanting Spinal’s name, I mean, how vain do you have to be to have your own theme? I don’t remember Orchid’s theme saying her name. It still is one of the best themes I’ve heard in a fighting game, so I hope somebody uploads the full theme to YouTube in the next few weeks.

And here’s some actual gameplay so you can see what the character can really do.

I will definitely have to get my hands on an Xbox One.

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