Rol Reversal: Girls hitting on guys like guys hit on girls

I have to admit that would be pretty awesome to some degree.

I’m pretty sure a ton of guys would like women to be the ones hitting on them, especially the shy type. I have to admit it was pretty damn funny, at least up to the point where it was obvious it wasn’t done for fun, but to show how men are sexist pigs, which again was done very poorly.

For example, the title should be “what if girls hit on guys like douchebags hit on girls.” The way the video is set up is saying ALL men do this, but I’m absolutely sure there are more guys with manners (and afraid of consequences) than douchebags out there. It was a great idea comedy-wise, but they love doing this passive-aggressive things.

This has to be the greatest line in this video though:

I wonder what his dick tastes like.

Whoa lady, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guy saying something like that to, or about a woman in a public place.

Would you like to lose all faith in humanity? Read the youtube comments section, it looks like tumblr threw up all over it.

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