X-Men: Days of Future Past [Official] Trailer 3

Finally, the trailer that matters and shows what I wanted to see.

That’s what I was waiting for, sentinels! They’re not as big as in the comic books, but that’s really not a problem. I was a little bit worried about this movie being turned into a drama, the previous trailers saw little action, and overused a clip inside what appears to be a bunker, but now that I see the sentinels in action, as well as Magneto ripping a baseball stadium off of its foundation, I feel a lot better now. I just hope the story makes sense and they don’t mess it up, like what they did to the Phoenix in X-Men 2…

I want to see how it’s gonna go for Wolverine now that he doesn’t have adamantium on his bones yet, no adamantium means no metal claws.

I don’t think Magneto is a big fan of baseball, seeing how he drops a stadium in the middle of a street.

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