Amazing Fantasy Parody: Tigtone – “The Begun of Tigtone”

“The Begun of Tigtone” is the first installment of the “Tigtone”, a series of fantasy shorts, episodes, and tales. It’s a parody of every fantasy convention there is, from movies to games. And the star character of this story is “Tigtone”, a man whose personality is intentionally modeled after a two-dimnesional, anti-hero cliche. Along his journey, he is challenged by pointless puzzles, preposterously clad goddesses, and generic quest goals. Not even the dialog is safe from skewering, as the fantasy convention of convoluted language is parodied right down to the very title of the story.

According to their Indiegogo campaign, “The Begun of Tigtone has been in production for a few years. The script was written, the principal cast was recorded, and then the project went through a ton of R&D to nail down the technology that would eventually be used for the final product. Initially, a successful Kickstarter fundraiser was held in 2011 to pay for the illustrations that would eventually be animated via the unique motion capture process.” They raised about half of the $8,500 needed to start the actual animation, but I don’t know if they managed to raise the money otherwise.

And finally, four years later, here’s the final product and the first chapter of this amazing adventure.

I need more! It’s even more enjoyable when you have some knowledge of fantasy games, books, RPGs, MMOs, etc…

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The Begun of Tigtone has only just beganned.

That line killed me xD

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