The cat that saved a 4 year-old boy’s life from a dog attack: Who’s a good boy now?

Just to add more fuel to the fire on the dogs versus cats argument, a cat saves a young boy from a completely random dog attack, and drives the attacker away.

Who’s a good boy? Not this dog, of course. The boy is fine, just needing a few stitches, and according to the dad,

Tara (the cat) chased the dog back to his owners yard, and she was bit by the dog as she tried to pin him down. The owners did get control of the dog and secured him in which she immediately returned to attending to our son.

That cat deserves a medal and lots of whatever cats like to eat. The question now is why the dog attack the boy, especially because it’s not a stray.

One interesting thing about this video is how it went viral. When I first checked the video it had about a thousand views, and about a day and a half later it reached about 9 million views. The clip went viral when somebody decided to make a gif of the video share it on reddit and a few other social media sites, and from there it spread like a wildfire, and now news outlets and entertainment sites won’t shut up about it.

I now wonder how many times this video will be used as an example of why cats are better than dogs by cat lovers. I have a couple of parakeets, so I really don’t care 😛

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