Disney Princesses As Kitchen Utensils

My brother started this project this past week, making fun of the “Disney characters as…” mash-ups.

The joke ran a little longer than it should’ve, yet it has become the most popular post in my blog. This proves that, if you add Disney wigs to inert objects, you too can become a winner… Or loser. Depending on your view of this fad is.


He started with just a couple of them, but people started asking for more. In his own words, “I tried to piss on the internet, but the internet pissed on me.” This is the result in all its glory, plus commentary by the artist, I just don’t feel like cooking up kitchen puns.

Ariel as a fork because it’s a serious fish issue of forks.

Pocahontas as a whisk. I did days of extensive research and whisks were, in fact*, invented by Native Americans known as the Red Skins. (*not a fact.)

Elsa as an Ice Cream scooper – I wonder who’ll get the scoop on this?

Snow White as an apple corer – Getting to the core of the problem.

Belle as a fancy spoon – There werent a lot of utensils in that movie, it was very hard to find reference.

Mulan took many hours to make, there’s very little reference out there for such arduous task.

Rapunzel as a frying pan. I didnt see this one coming at all. Such obscure reference.

Anastasia as a trash can.
What do you mean she’s not a disney princess? I watched the movie you cant fool me.

I did ask him to draw a few more, there are a few more characters to go and turn this into a racist fest, but he refused…


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