OMG, The U.S.A. wins against Ghana 2-1!

In a game that turned into a roller coaster of emotions, the US finally won against the same team that eliminated them twice in a row in the last two World Cups.

During the first 30 seconds of the game Dempsey scores fastest goal in American World Cup history. After that they became too defensive, and then the game turned somewhat violent, with lots of pushing, kicking, dropping, and all the goodies of two teams trying to win those sweet first three points.

One of the most talked about things online was the involuntary kick to Dempsey’s face, which left him with a bloody nose and a small possibility of not coming back to play.

I’m really happy that the US managed to win their first match, and I really hope soccer is taken more seriously now. However, I am absolutely sure most radio stations will half-ass cover this win and start by saying something like “I don’t watch soccer and I don’t care much about it, but we have to let you know about the final score.” or something along those lines.

So you understand how stupid some radio stations get, this past Sunday I was looking for any radio station broadcasting the game between Ecuador and Switzerland, and I find a sports station talking about soccer, but the whole conversation was something like I mentioned before, also that he preferred baseball over soccer, that it had no appeal, their names were “weird,” and proceeded to talk about the US Open and the grass, yes, the grass on the fieldĀ about 10 minutes. Yes, grass. Ironically, he mentioned that he had played soccer in high school. My point is, I’m not telling anyone that one sport is better than another, but if you’re not gonna cover sh*t about a certain sport then don’t even bring it to the table.

Anyway, I’m glad the US won and I hope they work out those defensive kinks, I want them to go as far as they can.

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