World Cup: Germany Murders Portugal 4-0

Somebody call the police, Germany brutally murdered Portugal! I honestly didn’t expect Portugal to lose like this, especially with all the hype around Ronaldo.

It worth mentioning that Portugal’s Pepe received a red card for committing a foul against Thomas Muller, and then headbutting him afterwards. Apparently, Pepe felt Muller was exaggerating and lost his cool.

Losing Pepe took a toll on Portugal, and they just couldn’t recover and score even once.

So far only two matches have been soul-crushing: Spain vs Netherlands, and this one. First the “red fury” was extinguished by “the flying Dutchman,” and now Portugal crashes against the Berlin Wall head on. So far no match has ended up in a tie, leaving no options for the losers but to win their next two matches or go home.

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