Unimportant question: Is this site too heavy for your mobile device?

I decided to disable the mobile switcher for the 20th time and just use a responsive layout. There’s a chance the site will be too heavy for mobile networks, and also mobile browsers might even choke and crash, but I honestly am tired of dealing cache plugins that keep sending mobile traffic to the full site instead of loading the mobile switcher. I removed a few scripts that I had running, including the two counter scripts I had on the footer of the site, so that might save some loading time. If the network ads running right now don’t work, then I’ll eventually remove them, but I don’t think it makes much difference until I resolve the problem with the hosting account being so slow. Ever since my account was moved to a different center it’s been unbearable slow.

Google says the future is in responsive design, but I honestly don’t think that words right now. Because heavy objects for the desktop site are loaded anyway regardless of the website collapsing and hiding other elements, the end user gets a collapsed-yet-heavy version on their phones and tablets. I’m sure the bounce rate will be higher in the following days, but at least I’m not chocking the server trying to serve a mobile version that hardly ever loads.

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