How to make friends nowadays (Guide)

Need to make friends but don’t know how? Just follow this easy life hacks tips advice thing and you’ll be on the right track path thing!

This is as easy to follow as that step-to-step guide to solving a Rubik’s cube.


That’s so informational! Thanks to this guide I have many friends I never talk to or even know if they’re really who they say they are, or human. You never get invited to parties, you say? Who says you have to know any of them peoples, just say you’re a friend of a friend of a made-up name.

Wait, are you saying that’s wrong and it’s actually networking? Is that the words kids use now instead of stalking?

Source: I have no f*cking idea, I gave up after 5 web results pages full of reposts, but here’s the i am goor thread.

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