So this is a thing: Under-the-desk foot hammock


The Füüt Hammock is a small hammock for your feet that hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to keep you comfortable while working or slacking. It’s made of a piece of canvas connected to a series of ropes and clips. All you need is a table, or a table-like desk.


It is also completely adjustable, and offers up 2 different modes including both “work” and “rest” mode.

foothammock4 foothammock3

Created by the team at Connect Design, the Fuut comes in different colors and retails for about $30 to $49 depending on where you get it; Connect Design’s website (in Korean), or eBay . Amazon doesn’t have it yet, and the only type of weird hammock I found was the banana hammock, which is for bananas, but not for your banana. Please let’s stop putting our junk on things.

[EDIT] Apparently Amazon does have it now, but for about twice the price.


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