Best journey ever: Attach a GoPro to a very enthusiastic dog and let him run free

Walter is a very enthusiastic dog who really loves the sea. His owners attached a GoPro Hero 3+ and then let him run free around the beach. The results are amazing.

Best journey ever? Best journey ever. Some people were asking how the GoPro was attached to the dog without it falling with all the shaking, and I think they either used a custom harness, or the GoPro Fetch harness, it’s specifically made for dogs.

And to complement this wonderful clip, here’s the best parody you’ll probably ever see of this video, I don’t think anything will top what you are about to see.

I’m sure someone will try to add something to the original to make it funny (Jokes, dialog, weird music), but it will never be as awesome as this parody.

I wonder if somebody could attach a small camera to a squirrel going through an obstacle course, like this one.

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