HYDRA forces Marvel to release the HD trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

According to Marvel, HYDRA is responsible for leaking the SD trailer online, forcing them to release the high-quality trailer six days ahead of schedule (during next week’s Agents of SHIELD).

Hail HYDRA! Damage control would’ve been pretty much impossible, there’s no way even for Marvel to keep the internet from displaying the leaked video over and over again, no matter how many video accounts and websites they shut down. Thanks to this screw-up we get to twist Marvel’s arm a bit and enjoy the trailer in all its HD glory!

Again, it looks amazing, and I love the Hulkbuster armor. Marvel also posted a teaser poster on their twitter account.


Not bad, it’s just OK.

I wonder who’s gonna get fired for leaking the trailer, IF it wasn’t done on purpose to stir up the masses.

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