A small Christmas miracle that hits right at home

Sometimes people share the craziest stories online, but sometimes it’s the ones that go or try to go unnoticed that hit close to home.

This reddit OP posted something that you don’t get too see often, unless it’s from a big charity event. Apparently, his friend wanted to do something special for his parents this Christmas, so he helped pay off their mortgage.


Here’s the unlisted YouTube video, their reaction is really genuine because this is not something you expect from anyone, let alone their young son.

This is a transcript/translation of the whole thing in case someone didn’t understand what they were saying.

Son: “I have one more gift for you”. “Here”

Mom: “For who?”

Son: “For both of you”

Mom: “Only me and your daddy?”

Son: “Yes”

Mom: “It has to be a nice present because it is special after this”

-Opens card-

Mom: “…what?”

Dad: “Let me see”

-Passes card to dad-

Dad: “….son, no…”

Mom: “I love you, thank you!” , “So much fighting over these last 3 months so that they’ll give me the credit.”

Dad: “Oh son…”

I almost cried when the dad said, “son, no…,” it’s really hard to see grownups cry, but this time it was for a very good reason.


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