CARL – Animated Sci-Fi Short


CARL is a very interesting animated sci-fi short made at the Hungarian MOME University in a year’s time. It won the Best International Student Film Award at the 2014 Melbourne International Animation Festival.

The story centers around Carl (champion robot gladiator), a Techno-Angel, and Space Jesus. It also features crazy drill-raptors, egg-beater-scorpions, and a BBQ-octopus. The animation looks like something out of a video game, which gives it a really nice touch.

According to Márk Juhász, the designer and director of this short film, the main driving force behind the story is the strength of love and the weakness of hate. It also offers an opinion about religion and the robotic nature of today’s society, using references from Terminator, Spartacus, Transformers, The Matrix, and others.

Progress pictures can be found on this tumblr blog.

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