From Kids Toy to Dangerous Roulette Game

41xjk1kbZlLSometimes we are just bored out of our minds and decide to tinker with things to pass the time. That seems to be the case of a children’s toy called Crocodile Dentist. The point of the game is really simple; the players take turns pressing¬†the crocodile’s teeth one by one, and whoever presses the sore tooth and makes the toy “bite” is the loser. That sounds simple, right? Well, somebody decided to take it up a¬†notch by adding razor blades to the non-existent upper teeth.

What you’are about to see is a very good example of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

This went from fun toy to something out of the Saw movies way too fast. I was on the edge of my sit the whole time, and I literally jumped when the jaw finally closed. For a moment I thought I was going to see lots of blood.

The most important question right now is really simple; why?

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