Giant robot slippers: Apparently I can’t be trusted with money…

153b_giant_robot_slippers_with_sound_moodyI work what you would call the graveyard shift on weekends, so I ended up being awake at 2am on Monday morning (Cyber Monday). I was bored and just checking just about anything online while trying to stay away from any sales, mostly because I wasn’t going to get paid until the following Friday (today). Well, as it turned out I found my way into Thinkgeek, and they had this ridiculous pair giant robot slippers.

I was tired, a bit hungry, and just wasn’t thinking straight…so I bought them. It’s a good thing I had already filled up the tank for the rest of the week…


What’s so special about them? Well, besides being robot feet and ridiculously big and soft, they make this clank sound when you walk. Oh, and one size fits all, or most people (according to them).

I can confirm that they do make that clank sound when I walk. The only con I think would be the need for four AA batteries for the sound, two per boot. However, I just love them and how absurd they look. Now if they would come in Mega Man blue…

They go for $30 on Thinkgeek and about twice as much on Amazon. Overall I think I made a pretty good investment that nobody will ever know that I own. Ever.

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