Merry Holidays! Happy Christmas! Happy whatever doesn’t offend you day!


grinchpoliticallycorrect Hello people of the tubes, it’s December 25th where I live, so marry Christmas, happy holidays, feliz navidad, happy “that didn’t fit me and will return on the 26th” day.

Whatever you celebrate today, whether it’s the birth of the lord Jesus Christ, or a pagan tradition of killing pine trees to decorate their dying bodies and place items you bought with the money you didn’t have, I wish you all best and hope good old jolly Satan brought you that gift you expected.

You all deserve a rest after all the last minute Christmas shopping, especially the people working retail, you guys put up with so much crap during the December it’s hard to believe you haven’t killed somebody.

From the family (me) to you (you), I wish you a happy gift-wrapping-murder day.


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