Useless Machine Evolution (leave me alone box)

I think we are all familiar with the concept of a “leave me alone” box, it’s a mechanical machine that serves only one purpose; turning its own switch off.

There are hundreds of hundreds of variations all over the net. For example, this one senses the heat of a lit candle and extinguishes the flame using a candle snuffer on the arm.

However, what happens if we decide to up the stakes? How about a series of switches instead of one?

Madness! This could go on forever! Rage against the machine! Speaking of forever, there’s a version that’s been referred to as a “political machine.” It involves two useless machines going head to head using a piece that joins the switches on both machines, making them go on and on forever.

But what if instead of having two machines going head to head, we make a double useless machine?

Where’s your god now?! We have messed with the natural order! Well, only as long as there’s charge in the battery. But wait, there’s more! What if we give them some sort of a personality? There’s one called a “moody machine.”

I was wondering how the advanced box would fit against itself, and even more interesting, the moody box dueling against an equal model. Well, somebody thought it was worth doing it. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you our government. (minute 4:07)

Now all is left is to give them weapons and make them duel to the death, and then they will eventually become sentient and rise against their masters, and wage war against us and turn everything into a sea of blood, guts, wires, and battery acid….

If anybody’s interested in building one but don’t know where to begin, there’s hundreds of tutorials on youtube and instructables, and also basic kits that anyone can buy on Amazon and Thinkgeek.

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