All in all, the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an idiotic idea

The guys who planned this cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of expression didn’t count on the power of the internet and social media.

These smart guys thought they could silence the voices of those who made many laugh, think, and discuss so many important topics through the power of a newspaper. However, what these morons didn’t even imagine is the backlash this would cause instead, creating a gigantic wave of responses not only flipping them the finger, but satirizing their prophet Muhammad just to mess with these Islamic extremists even more.


Just because you don’t agree with a news agency making fun of or taking a shot at something you believe in doesn’t mean you get to go on a killing spree. If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t be allowed to live with the rest of the civilized world.

Cartoonist all over the world have been sharing illustrations with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, or “I am Charlie.”

The only thing they achieved was to silence a few voices while millions of others scream for justice and freedom of expression in their place. Cartoonist Martin Rowson’s take on this is exactly what many, if not most of us are thinking. (Via imgur)


They thought they could silence everyone with this barbaric scare tactics, and even bring an entire country to its knees? They got this instead.


Everything that’s happened around this brutal act comes down to this:

“If your religion commands you to kill, do the world a favor by being your first and only victim.”

However, even with all of this please remember that just because some extremists decided to do acts of violence, it doesn’t mean you can be an asshole to an entire religion, or peaceful members of said religion. If in doubt, read this:


Whatever your view in life is, you as a person have rights, not your ideas or beliefs, so let’s be excellent with each other.

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