The lenghts this dad went to get his daughter Labyrinth dolls will blow your mind

It’s not unusual for children to want things, mostly products that are either no longer on sale, or never existed after they were shown an old movie or series. But when this dad found out the Labyrinth dolls his seven year old daughter wanted were not available,  he took it upon himself to get her the dolls, even if he had to make them.


Now, by making them I mean he “re-purposed” some Barbie dolls and created a work of beauty. Of course this requires talent and lots of work, but the results are amazing.

And this is the final product:


I’ve seen other artists do similar things with Barbie dolls for show or sell, but to go through so much trouble to please his daughter is really commendable, especially because this takes some talent and patience, and I have neither.

If at some point his daughter stops liking them he could sell them, I’m sure many fans of this movie would love to have them.

sauce: [imagergur]

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