You won’t believe how much eBay sellers are asking for “Charlie Hebdo” stuff

I know sales must continue, but come on, it’s barely been a few days and the satirical newspaper is not going out of print…

This is a screencap of the hard-to-believe prices of Charlie Hebdo memorabilia and other stuff on eBay.


Yay for capitalism! One person’s tragedy is another person’s gain. As I said, Charlie Hebdo is not going out of circulation, so what exactly am I seeing here? This is just like the time Hostess went bankrupt and a massive tsunami of people started selling boxes almost-to-expired Twinkies, recipes, and even (literally) truckloads of the stuff.

ipodclassicThis also reminds me of that weird comeback of the iPod classic made last year after Apple announced it would no longer be selling them back in September. For some weird reason the prices on a device that was replaced with touch screen devices and smartphones skyrocketed, and some of those prices are still in the ridiculous.

Considering the big fuzz so many people made for having a U2 album for free included in their iPhones and iPods, I didn’t think I’d see any mention of that in the titles at all.

My question now is, do people really go crazy trying to spend their hard-earned money on something like this, knowing full well that this newspaper is not shutting down any time soon?

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