Handbags that look like real life 2D drawings? You won’t believe your eyes

These are handbags, wallets, backpacks, and messenger bags designed to look like a two-dimensional drawing. When I first saw this pictures I thought somebody had drawn over photographs, and I’m not even drunk.

It’s like a real-life cartoon that messes with your sense of perspective.


Why must you mess with my mind so early in the morning? I mean, I’m not entirely convinced they’re not two-dimensional cardboard cutouts.

These were originally designed, made, and sold by a company called JumpFromPaper. They became so popular that you can find cheap designs based on them, so many in fact that a simple search yields lots of results on eBay. They can also be found on Amazon.

Their only drawback is that they’re really thin. Because they have to maintain the illusion of being 2D, it’s pretty much impossible to fit as many things as one would on a regular shoulder bag or backpack.

Still, that’s a nice optical illusion.


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