I honestly didn’t know Mexico had World War II propaganda

There’s a long list of countries that participated in WW2, including Mexico, but I had no idea they had actually printed out these amazing propaganda posters against the Nazis.

Mexico declared war on Germany in 1942 after German submarines attacked Mexican oil tankers Potrero del Llano and the Faja de Oro (formerly known as Italian tankers Lucifero and Genaono) that were transporting crude oil to the United States. The two tankers were seized by the Mexican government and renamed around 1941. These attacks prompted President Manuel Ávila Camacho to declare war on the Axis powers.

I didn’t even think about them until this post showed up on reddit. These are just a few of the many posters created around the time.

Mexico WW2 propaganda

“Mexico For Freedom”

Mexico WW2 propaganda

“Remember May 13, 1942”

Mexico WW2 propaganda

“Freedom Won’t Sink: There’s always a voice to defend it and an arm to rescue it.”

Mexico WW2 propaganda

“United Nations…United in Battle. In Victory and in Peace.”

Mexico WW2 propaganda

“Saint George Defeated the Dragon. The Great Britain Will Defeat Hitlerism.”

Mexico WW2 propaganda

The designs are amazing, but the most striking one is the one with the eagle and the Nazi flag. I wonder if they also rallied to get people to join the army and served taquitens and burritens, and maybe other kinds of Kempfort food.


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