Asking the real questions: What the heck is a kitchen safe?

This popped up on imgur today, where OP decided to hide and lock her moms cigarettes in a “kitchen safe.”


And now for a serious question: just what the heck is a kitchen safe? I honestly didn’t know they existed, and it took me a while to realize it’s not just some jar to keep the kids away from the cookies. It’s actually designed to help people deal with their food cravings.

Perhaps I didn’t get it at first because I normally don’t eat junk food… Ok, that’s a lie, I do eat it, but I try not to eat a lot by sheer will power (which is pretty weak).

kitchensafesmThis is not like that fridge locker I mentioned a few years ago. It’s actually more like a plastic container with an electronic lock. According to the manufacturer, “The Kitchen Safe is the world’s first time-lock container designed to help people avoid junk food and other temptations. Simply place an item in the Kitchen Safe, close the lid, and set the timer. Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, you’re locked out! The safe remains locked until the timer reaches zero. The Kitchen Safe has no built in overrides or secret back-doors – once it’s locked, it’s locked! The timer can be set in one minute increments for up to 10 days.

Uses include: junk food, cell phones, TV remotes, video game controllers, computer mice and chargers, cigarettes, car keys, alcohol, cash and credit cards, medicine, and more!


I don’t know about the “medicine” part of it,  I mean, if it’s prescription medicine I’m pretty sure it should be available to the user, but the point of this is to help people control their food cravings, or put someone on a time out by taking their most precious device. Just don’t lock food in the same container as computer mice and video game controllers.

Now the real question is whether or not this container is nearly unbreakable. I’m thinking about getting one for my dad as he loves junk food so much, but he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I hope I don’t find him trying to open it with an electric drill.

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