Batman vs Darth Vader (Both ‘BATINTHESUN’ Endings)

Last November Bat in the Sun (the guys behind the Super Power Beat Down web series) came up with the highly anticipated “Batman vs Dart Vader” short, but even though they said they would upload the alternate ending a month later, they finally did it today.

BatInTheSun’s shorts follow a poll, so fans pretty much have control of who wins and who loses, so there’s always room for angry geek rants.

As I said before, the winner is decided via a poll, although I don’t think Vader would necessarily break Batman’s neck, it’s too fast a death.


Personally I think both had a chance to win, and you’ll see why in the alternate ending.

As I said the fight could go either way. On one side we have the power of the force, and even though Batman has faced super powered enemies before, he’s had trouble defeating enemies with telekinetic abilities. On the other side we have Batman, who many times have taken down powerful enemies by acting as a decoy.

I’m a fan of both, so the results of either clip don’t bother me. The only thing that surprised me was Batman’s lack of pocket-sized EMP devices.

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