HQ trailer for Dragon Ball Z : Revival of F / Fukkatsu no F / Resurrection of F

So on my very recent previous post I mentioned Frieza’s new form, but the high-quality version of the trailer is out, and it shows things I didn’t think were possible anymore…

I honestly didn’t think there was anyone in Frieza’s army strong enough to beat the crap out of Piccolo, that’s just insane after the whole Cell / Majin Buu Saga. After Piccolo fused with Kami during the Androids saga he became amazingly powerful, in fact Mecha Frieza would’ve died a thousand deaths in a matter of seconds had he tried to fight that Super Namekian bastard.

I’ve also just read the first chapter of the one-shot manga that accompanies this movie, “Dragon Ball Z: Rebirth of F,” and it left me with more questions than answers. Look it up on any of the free manga reading places, or if you want a quick synopsis/spoiler here it is:

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That right there left me with more questions than answers, and while I see the others going Super Saiyan, I don’t see Goku doing it, so my only guess is they either try the Super Saiyan God thing again, or he’s just too stubborn and fights him in his original form.

I hope the movie and the manga reveal the answers to all my questions, because I’m just that important.

By the way, the “Frieza” song you hear in the first minute or so is called “F” by Maximum the Hormone, in case you were wondering about it.

“Dragon Ball Z : Revival of F / “Fukkatsu no F” /” Resurrection of F” will be released on April 18, 2015.

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