Oblivious Parent Theater Presents: Very Poor Choice of Words

This showed up on reddit, and because it made it to their front page, it also made it to imgur‘s front page. The problem is the simple oversight this parent had at posting a picture of their daughter on the net when they decided to go for this really poorly chosen title.


Imgur and Reddit might as well disable the comments on the posts, I mean, you don’t even have to be an a-hole like me to understand or appreciate the beauty of this simple mistake. In the immortal words of Archer,


Again, it’s an innocent mistake. The parent thought her reaction was funny, but this being the internet, and that a really bad title for what it is, it’s bound to become some type of meme, or at least a famous image macro that will make a come back frequently in comment sections everywhere.

What’s even better than this title? How about a song? Redditor ThePeoplesBard made a “cute and innocent” short song about it.

Would I go to hell for laughing at this? Most definitely. You know what, this picture with the caption should be framed and given to the girl at her 18th birthday just because.

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