Real or Fake: Woman takes thief’s scooter after he mugs her

A Malaysian woman was mugged by a man on a motorcycle while walking through an alley. However, she turned the tables on the mugger and escaped on his scooter after he snatches her bag and runs off.

Some might call it karma, but I’m just having trouble understanding how someone could be this stupid.

I’m not saying it is fake, but it looks staged. If this is real then that’s awesome and more power to the victim. At the same time I have several questions:

  • Why did he leave his scooter with the keys in the ignition,
  • How come there was a security camera in that particular alley?
  • And the most obvious question: why did he run in the opposite direction to his scooter?

The “acting” was also kind of weird, especially the guy running after she takes the scooter, kind of like those old black and white movies. It wouldn’t be surprising if this ends up being part or a commercial.

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