You won’t believe how bad this physics demonstration with an axe ended

This physics teacher apparently was fired after this demonstration went bad. It looks like he was demonstration the energy transfer after splitting a brick with the back of an axe over a piece of wood. Sadly, his aim wasn’t that great and the whole thing went nuts. To the student’s nuts, that is.

OH LORD HAVE MERCY! Like, seriously, I grabbed my junk in pain. The first time I watched it I thought the axe was facing the other way, that could’ve been catastrophic.

If the video doesn’t work or is down, here’s the imgur version with an extra angle.


When you bust a nut and life keeps on sucking.

It’s too bad I couldn’t find a clip without slow motion at the end,  nor was I able to find a source about the teacher being fired, so we’ll have to take reddit’s word for it. However, what I can assure you is that most men cringed when they saw this. If there’s anything men everywhere share is the ability to cringe while another man gets hit in the balls.

What did we learn from this? Don’t ever volunteer to physics or chemistry demonstrations, not even to impress that cute classmate. Ever.

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