Pornhub needs your help to have sex in space


Space: the final frontier. These are the sexual voyages of Pornhub. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new ways to have sex, to boldly have sex where no one has gone before.

This is no joke. Pornhub needs your help to have sex in space and film it for everyone’s enjoyment, and to finally and to answer a question everyone has had on their minds for decades: what would sex in space look like?

Their idea is to send two avid asstronauts, who you may recognize them for their appearances: Eva Lovia (winner of DP Star 2015 Competition) and Johnny Sins.


Now, bear in mind that to do this for real they would need a load of cash, like a huge wad of actual cash, a gigantic money shot.

With some help from our generous fan base and extended community, we can all make this happen. We need to train and outfit our crew, consult with a dedicated team of specialists, purchase custom modified film equipment, and completely fund the use of the shuttle that’ll take us on our journey to space. We’ve projected that the overall cost of this pioneering endeavor will run us about $3.4 million.

That’s a stiff amount of money and it may be really hard to get. It sounds like they’ll have to do degrading things on a certain black leather couch to get the money, but it won’t be fast enough, so they started an Indiegogo campaign to attempt to reach their goal.

And of course there are many perks for those willing to donate more than others.


They’ve even included a graph explaining how they plan on using those funds.


They also mention that you can also help by watching “stuff” on their website, and by that they mean it as in “disable adblock so they can make a buck from ads.”

So what are you waiting for, go donate and help them make some sweet and dirty space sex porn!

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