The Mozilla “Adobe Flash Player” scare is over, fixes were pushed for Flash and Java

Almost a day ago Mozilla added all versions of Adobe Flash (up to their then most recent version to the Firefox blocklist.


Security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in recent versions of Adobe Flash that had not been patched yet by Adobe. In an effort to protect Firefox users from harm on the Internet, Mozilla added the current version of Adobe Flash and all previous versions to the browser’s blocklist.

This resulted in many annoyed Firefox users (including me) as it would required you to allow the Adobe Flash plugin on every site you visited that required it. That was mostly on sites that had video and audio not running on HTML5. However, they have been patched.

Mozilla announced just about an hour ago that Adobe patched their most recent Flash player version, and so did Java with their plugin.


If you are a Firefox user and haven’t updated the plugins, head over to Mozilla’s plugin check and update Adobe Flash from their link. I tried updating from Internet Explorer, but the latest version still had the vulnerability, and the one from Mozilla’s website has the patched version. Java can be updated normally from either their website or the Java control panel on Windows computers.

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