I had no idea Stan Lee played Revolver Ocelot in a video game award show…

It all started with this picture of Stan Lee from Spider Man 2, with Deadpool photoshopped into the picture, as well as a couple of guns on Stan Lee’s hands.


Stan Lee looked somehow familiar, but not for being himself. I couldn’t put it into words until an imgur user said this:

“It only now dawned on me that Stan Lee could play Revolver Ocelot.”

That’s when it became so clear, and this other user came up with this shocking revelation; he had actually (cos)played Revolver Ocelot very briefly back in 2004 in the now defunct GPhoria, a video award show on the crappy G4 network, and he even introduced Hideo Kojima.

“Revolver Ocelot has arrived”

I’m at a loss for words, that was just awesome, at least until he said “excelsior” and he just reverted to non-tactical Stan Lee.

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