Meet Sphero’s BB-8 droid, the coolest Star Wars toy / gadget of the year

Today’s Star Wars Force Friday, and it’s bringing a barrage of new Star Wars toys, costumes, clothing, and other memorabilia. But the guys at Sphero, a company that makes app-enabled robotic ball toys, outdid themselves by coming up with the most amazingly realistic rendition of the new droid from the upcoming The Force Awakens film; the BB-8 droid.

Star Wars Sphero BB-8
Star Wars Sphero BB-8
Star Wars Sphero BB-8

Step aside R2-D2, it’s BB-8’s time to shine!

That’s just amazing, and did you know the droid from the movie actually exists? It was presented a few month’s ago during Star Wars Celebration, so it’s no longer 100% science fiction. However, I’d like to point out that the animation in the video makes the toy look like the way it rides is really smooth, but here’s a short clip Mashable put together so you can see how the ball actually moves.

Now that you’ve seen how awesome it looks, here’s the bad part: the head uses wheels to stay on the head (besides a magnet), so it’s gonna be like cleaning those old computer mice that had a rubber ball. Gizmodo did a kind of in-depth review, and that seems to be the only bad part. Well, that and that it costs $150 US. As you can imagine this isn’t really a child’s toy, unless you enjoy throwing money down the drain.

If the price is no concern to any of you, then the droid will go on sale starting today at Amazon, Apple’s retail stores, Best Buy, ThinkGeek, and Sphero’s own website. Of course if everything else fails there’s always eBay.

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