Found a hornets nest? This guy literally killed it with fire

Hornets decided to build their nest on a small tree in front of a house. So, one day they decided to sting the owners when they were just mowing their lawn.

However, instead of calling an exterminator, they called a family member that happens to be a fire performer with access to a flamethrower. You could technically say that everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

That was strangely satisfying, nothing like a good old flamethrower to get them hornets nice and toasty.  And that’s not your normal garden flamethrower, this one is probably military surplus.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone attempts to get rid of a hornets nest with a flamethrower, but not everyone actually records these events. I think the most insane event of this type was when China sent their army to take care of a giant nest of killer wasps that was on a tree at almost 100 feet of the ground.

It starts at about 01:00.

Now that’s a military-grade flamethrower, and it’s just as cool as it is scary.

So, should you get rid of pests with a flamethrower? Only if you know what you’re doing and you are absolutely sure you won’t get in any trouble with local authorities.

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