The Hellosy floating Death Star wireless speaker is definitely no moon

The concept of a floating-rotating speaker ball is not new, but never have we had the ultimate power in the universe at our fingertips.


Hellosy released this levitating wireless bluetooth speaker in the shape of the Death Star. It glows in the dark, and its 1000 mAh battery promises a battery life of at least 6 hours.


It floats and rotates, but don’t think it’s a huge system. It’s actually pretty small regardless of the badly phothoshopped stock images on the product page.


This cool little toy joins the rankings of other Death Star shaped products. However, at $220 the price might be a little bit high for what it does, but don’t trust my judgement; I bought the first version of Sphero’s BB-8 they day it was released. The only reason I’m not in a hurry to buy this wireless speaker is that I don’t listen to music on my phone, so I’ve never had use for one.

In any case I’d have to see it in person and check the wow factor first. Just don’t try finding out how good or bad the actual speakers sound, the product reviews are a joke; literally.

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