A few thoughts after seeing DC’s Suicide Squad in theaters


This is not a review, but an honest opinion about this movie.

I got an almost free ticket thanks to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Because of the convenience fee, I ended up paying about 1 dollar for a ticket to see Suicide Squad. I tried to see it yesterday, but the promo code was only valid for the actual release day, so I decided to go see it in the morning.

It wasn’t surprising to find movie goers scattered in a half-empty room, mainly because it was a 10am showing on a Friday morning.

Going back to the point of this post; my thoughts about this movie. One thing I can tell you right away: it’s not the pinnacle of superhero movies, but it’s not exactly the piece of crap bloggers, I mean, movie critics have been ranting about.

If I had to explain the movie in three words, I’d say “sweet 80’s action.” The movie in general has lots of action and pretty damn good moments, and the special effects are really good. But it has a few things I found annoying at the same time.

I think they spent way too much time on Harley Quinn, so much time that it was starting to get on my nerves. The other was the excessive use of mainstream music. I mention these together because I’m beginning to think the studio tried to leverage on the young millennials love for the current version of Harley Quinn, Joker, and what they consider “classic retro music.” Other characters suffered a bit because they kept going back to Harley’s dillusions for Joker’s love. Oh, and the constant change in music started making me angry after 45 minutes. Too bad for whoever composed the actual movie soundtrack, it didn’t get much use.

However, some people actually said Joker didn’t get enough screen time and wanted more. That’s actually accurate, as he was mostly on Harley’s dreams and memories, but the actual plot had just a bit of him, so little that it’s hard for me to say if he did a good job or not.

As far as the other characters, El Diablo got some of the best parts, even if they were very short. Deadshot got a lot of screen time, and a lot of pretty damn good gun fights. I wasn’t really happy when they chose Will Smith for the character, but he actually did a really good job.

Is it worth seeing on theaters? I’d say yes, especially if you’re a DC Comics fan. The main villain was pretty standard for the type of comics these guys appear in. Critics were bashing this idea by saying there was no big presence, but why would you want something even bigger for a bunch of bad guys and one metahuman?

Speaking of critics, the whole Rotten Tomatoes issue can be easily fixed by ignoring their rating. It’s a bit sad that in the year 2016 people are still influenced by the so called “critics.” There was a time when that job held a lot of respect, but let’s be honest here, the current batch is mostly bloggers and other people with online presence.

In the end you have to decide if you like a movie or not.


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