In the end Apple with its iPhone 7 just doesn’t give a jack

A headphone jack, that is. *ba-dum-tss*

I don’t know what possessed Apple to remove a feature that is still really useful and very needed today. Whether they did it under the excuse of “innovation,” or to supposedly remove the clutter by going wireless, the whole thing is ridiculous. Well, that and the whole “let’s treat glossy black like it’s something the world has never seen before” made me think it was some sort of joke, but it isn’t.

I can’t wait for all the video parodies to start hitting the net. Oh wait, they already started.

I have to admit, the “what if I want to charge my phone while listening to musi…sh*t….” was hilarious.

In the world of audio, going wireless is not as relevant as the quality itself. Many people spend hundreds of dollars in expensive headphones, be it for quality or fashion. To add insult to injury, the new AirPods won’t be available until a month later after the launch of their flagship phone.

So what’s left for iPhone 7 users? Well, besides the obvious “stop listening to music and recharge your phone,” and annoying everyone while not using headphones in public while listening to music, they can:

Real innovation would’ve been to find a way to make a smaller jack, even if people had to buy a small adapter for their cables. In any case, let’s see how many people who actually use wired headphones fall for this for the sake¬†having the newest iPhone.



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