Teach children about the dangers of drugs by inviting them to burn over a ton of marijuana

Because it’s the responsible thing to do, and then invite them to a ton of snacks.



“Thai school children in the rural province of Bueng Kan yesterday had a big learning day outside the classroom when they got to study about marijuana — and possibly how it could make them feel — by helping police burn the seized leaves.

The children were invited to participate in the province’s ceremony to destroy eight tons of seized marijuana worth THB120 million. These leaves were confiscated from 261 cases in the past two years.”

I mean, what’s the worse it could happen? It’s not like inhaling that smoke will have any side effects, right?

“Of course, the photos of children burning weed sparked concerns from academics such as Dr. Weerachai Putthawong, an organic chemistry professor from Kasetsart University, who said that breathing in the smoke from burned leaves is no different than smoking marijuana.”

Nah dawg, you got it all wrong, like nothing’s gonna happen.

I’m sure they’ll have a blast, it’s gonna be their best field trip ever!

They’ll go from middle school to literal high school.

What did we learn today? Like, drugs are baaad, mmmmk?


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