Man triggers feminist comedian into another plane of existence with this one simple phrase

This simple trick blew her mind! Dentists hate him! No, wait…

So Sky News was having a segment about “pet names,” aka “catcalling” or “nicknaming.” They were going on about a survey that revealed women can’t stand being called certain things, and the program had people going around on the street asking women what names should be added to a “ban list.”

The show had London-based journalist Peter Lloyd and British comedian Kate Smurthwaite as guests to talk about the subject. They both had input on the subject, but I feel Kate Smurthwaite seemed to be trying to ignore the “ban list” that the host herself mentioned at the beginning of the segment.

Normally comedians have the upper hand on live interviews, but she let herself be trolled into oblivion.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but there will always be something to offend a feminist.

I’m not taking sides here, but she kind of proved his point in less than a second. And damn, that shit-eating grin and her going ballistic faster than the speed of light really makes this. I even wondered if he was the comedian and I got them mixed up.

In short, it should’ve gone like this and walk away.


Instead, it went like this:


Here’s the entire segment if you must know what lead to that brutal crash and burn. Keep in mind the ladies talked twice as much as the guy.

Regardless of what side of the topic you’re on, you have to admit that was some fun master baiting right there.

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