It’s a good thing Captain Planet was never so literal

I always found it weird how all the other Planeteers had cool powers, but all Ma-Ti got was a weird power to talk to animals and stuff. Worse yet, as I got older I thought combining their powers would actually summon a mud monster. It would be funny to see them go summoning their powers like,

  • Earth!
  • Fire!
  • Wind!
  • Water!
  • Heart!

And then Captain Planet going all “by your powers combined, I am MUD!!!”

Anyway, what never crossed my mind was Ma-Ti going all literal like this. I guess this falls into the whole “be careful who you call ugly in high school” thing.

Somebody give this man some Tumbs, that’s a bad case of heartburn right there. This would also make for a more extreme version of the eco-villains from the show.

The best thing about this is he doesn’t need a one of the rings to summon a heart.

He sure knows how to win a heart with just a few words; “Kali Ma Shakti de…” = <3

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