Academy Awards Parody Posters (By RIPT)

Artists at RIPT Apparel are showing respect to the 9 Academy Awards nominees for Best Picture with these spoof posters.

There are 13 parody posters in total, but here are the 9 representing the actual nominees.

Action Figures” by Obvian.

Avatar” by aaronmoralesdesignshnm.

Ta Ta Tacos” by trheewood.

Spidey Senses” by BradShoemaker.

Schwifty” by littlebluestudios.

Neon” by Prime Premne.

Mustafar by the Sea” by tweedler92.

Hell or High Noon” by CoinboxTees.

Chainsaw Ridge” by Alex Pawlicki.

They’re also offering 20% off all prints with promo code RIPTCADEMY2017 through February 27 at noon (CST).

RIPT Apparel

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