Nintendo Switch Woes

AKA “why I don’t buy game consoles on launch day.”

So, the story so far is that, while many Nintendo Switch users haven’t had any issues and are actually enjoying their new console, others have been experiencing a crapload of problems from day one.

These problems include system and/or game errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, in-game artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, really loud crashes, JoyCons easily getting attached to the wrong grip and getting stuck, scratches on the screen caused by the dock, and other design flaws.

It’s pretty obvious that without people buying consoles on day one we wouldn’t have fixes later, but at the same time many of these errors shouldn’t really happen. The question right now is how Nintendo will respond to all of these complaints, but in any case they have some serious quality control issues.

In general it seems to me that they forgot to baby-proof their hardware, especially for those who managed to lock solid the wrong JoyCon grips.

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