McDonald’s Japan comes up with a second anime-style recruitment video

Last year McDonald’s Japan came up with this anime-style promotional video to attract job applicants. It centers around a young girl who is trained by a senior McDonald’s staff member, as she learns the ropes of working at the fast-food restaurant.

Here’s a version with English subtitles in case you haven’t seen it.

It’s interesting to see how optimistic and well mannered the characters are, considering how different it is to work in a fast-food environment in the US.

Anyway, the commercial was so well received and praised for the quality of both the production and the animation, that they announced four more commercials would be released as part of this campaign.

Here’s the second one.

I haven’t found subtitles for this one yet, but it appears to be about the senpai from the previous story trying to land a job, and she either ends up with a job as a manager for that restaurant, or ends up going back to working at McDonald’s. I’m not sure, but it could be the former, as I don’t think a sad ending was what they intended.

Now they need to turn this into a series, and maybe a short movie, so then Funimation can get the rights to dub it and have Chris Sabat doing ALL of their voices.

Let’s make that happen, hashtag #McWaifu.

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