Some things “NOT” to do during the upcoming total solar eclipse

Police Departments around the path of the upcoming solar eclipse have issued a warning to tourists and people in general wishing to see the event outdoors. In general, drivers should watch out for pedestrians, and pedestrians should watch out for drivers.

  • Don’t walk into traffic to take a better look or pictures, in fact, just leave the picture taking to the pros, there will be plenty of them
  • Don’t look at the eclipse while driving
  • Don’t pull over on the side of the road, a highway, or an interstate

As for the usual recommendations around events with plenty of people around:

  • Both drivers and pedestrians should watch out for construction zones
  • Drivers need to turn on their headlights
  • Watch out for disoriented animals coming out from wooded areas

As for the actually watching the eclipse, those in the path of the total eclipse should avoid using binoculars, and also make sure their eclipse watching glasses are actually approved for this type of event. There have been plenty of mentions of people selling junk to people desperate to get their hands on the real deal.

Also, only take them off during the minute the sun is totally covered.

Personally, I’ll watch it on TV. I’m not afraid of it, but I’ll only get to see like 80% of the eclipse from my area, and I have a feeling it’s gonna rain that day.

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